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Rehome dogs-Older PUps- Adults-RETIRED BREEDING DOGS

Adults Available

These older puppies and adults are from two different litters from  Frieda and Hafiz.   They are in the miniature size range.  Older dogs will need some time to adjust to their new homes.  A few weeks to a month of mellow time with their new family will help them feel comfortable and bond well.  We have 2 females and 2 males available.

Canyon Court Frieda is a chocolate mini from Canyon Court Monet and aAprina's Apollo Amore.  She is a small miniature size.
Frieda is our little "cat-dog". She weighs 15 pounds and is 13 inches tall. She has a chocolate cafe, easy-to-maintain, curly fleece coat. Frieda is happy lying at your feet or playing ball in the yard. Frieda is our champion fetcher. Frieda puppies love to fetch.  

Hafiz is a well behaved, friendly dog, with a happy smile.  He is on the boarderline of the mini to medium size range, weighing about 30 lb.s and 15 inches.  Hafiz parents are CCL Red Poppy and CCL Cowboy.  Cowboy was  medium and some of Hafiz's offspring are medium size.    

Small mini,  15 lbs adult size
 10-15lb full grown.
Chocolate, soft, curly fleece coat. 
Mellow, gentle, reserved personality.  Gets along well with everyone.
Older Puppy. Born Jan 2022.
Available now. 
Large mini 15 - 25 lbs adult size
Bruno is smart and loves kids.
He has a loose wool,  soft,  
Dark Chocolate coat. 
He is outgoing and eager to please.
Older Puppy. Born Jan 2022.

Curly Burly - 1 year old
Miniature 15- 20 lbs, 14 inches
Light Chocolate
Curly Male 
15-20 Lb.s Adult.
Fluffy love sponge of curls.  
Loving, easy going personality, great smile.
Adult born August 2021

Available Now
Yellow - 1 year old
Miniature 15-20 lbs, 14 inches 
Wavy fleece coat, 
light chocolate (maybe parchment).
Yellow will be shy, at first, but she is eager to please. 
Smart and likes to fetch.

Available now.

Sufi's Bingo 

Big Miniature Male
Born Jan. 2022
Cream, Rose nose
(20-30lbs) 16 inches

Young Adults Available


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