Canyon Court Labradoodle Puppies

Hafiz & Carol's Puppies

Carol's Puppies - Available

Born May 13, 2022
Gold, Cream, White and tan.  Small and Large minis. 

Going Home Now - Puppies Available Now
Carol's July 
Big Mini  20-35 lbs
Medium (25-40lbs), 
White w/gold markings, Wavy fleece coat, Rose nose, very friendly, but also independent,  people lover.
Looking for her family!



Carol's Kipper the Dog

Carol's Rosie the Riveter
Mini 15-20 lbs. 
Female, Small mini (15-20lbs), Gold & white, fleece coat, Sweet, mellow, more reserved personality
Looking for her family!

 Carol & Hafiz


Carol Has puppies Going Home Now
Gold, Cream, White with gold markings.  Miniature to small Medium 
Carol - @ 4 months old
adult size 30-40 lbs, 17 inches
Carol is a small medium, or large miniature size.  
She is 30 lbs and 16 inches tall.
She is mellow and easy going, with a light, straight fleece coat.  Carol likes to fetch, and loves squeak-toys.
2  Weeks Old
Australian Labradoodles
Carol and Hafiz puppies.  White with gold marks. 
Gold with White marks.
Canyon Court Hafiz
Large Mini - 30 lbs
Hafiz is our mini stud.  
He has sturdy frame, 
25lbs and 15 inches tall.
He has a friendly personality, very people focused, always wanting to do the right thing. Hafiz is a happy, athletic dog.

He is the son of CCL Cowboy and CCL Poppy. 
Carol puppies
Mini to Medium

Frieda and Hafiz Puppies

Frieda's Puppies

Frieda is a chocolate mini from Canyon Court Monet and aAprina's Apollo Amore. 
Frieda is our little "cat-dog". She weighs 15 pounds and is 13 inches tall. She has a chocolate cafe, easy-to-maintain, curly fleece coat. Frieda is happy lying at your feet or playing ball in the yard. Frieda is our champion fetcher. Frieda puppies love to fetch .                      
Older pups/dogs 
Isabella - Older Puppy 
Small mini, 10-15lb adult size
Isabella was born in Jan, 2022. 
She will be 10-15lb full grown.
She has a light Chocolate, soft, curly fleece coat. 
She has a mellow, gentle, shy personality and gets along well with everyone.

Bruno - Older Puppy
Large mini
20-25 lbs adult size
Bruno is smart and loves kids.
He has a very curly, soft,  
Dark Chocolate coat.  He is outgoing and eager to please.
Curly Burly - 1 year old
Miniature 15- 20 lbs, 14 inches
Light Chocolate
Curly Male - 10-15 Lb.s
This little guy was a stocky puppy,  we tho he'd be bigger, his nickname is Curly Burly! 
He is a little fluffy love sponge of curls, but he is not really burly without his coat!  

Curly-Burly does have super loving, easy going personality. He is soft, sweet  and gets along with everyone.  

Yellow - 1 year old
Miniature 15-20 lbs, 14 inches 
Yellow has a nice straight fleece coat in a light chocolate (maybe parchment).
Available now.
Yellow is a little bit shy,  but loves people.  Once she gets to know you, she'll follow you anywhere.  She is smart and likes to fetch. 
Available Nov. 2022

Doc McFluffins

Doc McFluffins has beautiful, people-loving, ball-fetching puppies.
Cream, gold, white & tan with wavy or curly fleece coats, and
 friendly, easy going personalities. 

Doc has 1 adult male pup available, 1.5  year old, Cream with Rose Nose... going home November 2022.
Miniature Female 15 -20lbs
Doc is happy, playful and smart!
CCL Snowy Bowie
Miniature 15lbs, 14 inches
Sweet, happy, outgoing, family loving girl.  Rose Nose. White and tan. 
Hafiz and Doc Puppy 2020
Not available.
Doc's Martha Speaks
Mini - SOLD
Doc and Hafiz Pup.
Outgoing, sweet, miniature female with a fleece coat. 
Not Available.
Doc McFluffins' Puppy
Medium Size fleece male
Gold puppy with rose nose
Not Available.