Welcome to Canyon Court Labradoodles

Welcome to our new site.  We have been breeding Australian Labradoodles since 2008.  We began with standards and mediums, our current dogs are miniature and medium size.  

Why do we breed Australian Labradoodles?

We love Australian Labradoodles.  We think they are the perfect family dog.  We love their non-shed, allergy friendly coats, their intuitive, gentle, nature and their range of sizes.  These attributes make the Australian Labradoodle the perfect furry addition to your family,  whatever size home, there is a dog for you.

We  began our breeding program with Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles in 2007, when we purchased our first Australian Labradoodle, Tegan Park Fabien.  Fabien was a standard sized, 50 lbs and 21 inches, soft wool, cream, perfect dog. Fabien was breed by one of the breed founders at Tegan Park and came from Australia, as a young adult.  Fabien has left a wonderful influence in our labradoodle lines with his a strong sturdy frame, easy going temperament, and hypoallergenic coat.

Our second stud addition was added into our lines with his first litters in 2010.  Medium sized aAprina's Apollo Amore came to us as a puppy with a white soft fleece coat,  black nose, and happy personality.   Apollo sired Canyon Court Bernard and retired retired in 2017.
We began three foundation females,  Morning Smile Canyon Sage, aAprina's Canyon Butterfly,  and USA Labradoodle's Savannah Sercy.  Savannah came to us as an adult and had been breed at one of the first breeders to breed ALDs in North America.  Savannah and Fabian began our lines.  A sturdy Medium size chocolate girl, out of Chicago's Hershey Bar Kid, USA Savanah Sercy came to live with us in the Summer of 2008.  Our first liters were born in October 2008. 

We began our program breeding larger dogs for the purpose of creating Therapy dogs for children on the Autism Spectrum.   We have successfully placed several medium size and standard dogs with children on the Autism Spectrum from our early lines out of Fabian, Savannah, Sage,  and our aAprina foundation dogs.  

As we have continued our program, we slowly added in smaller dogs to our medium size lines.  We added miniature lines from America and Australia.    Tegan's Irish Lavender came to us as a pup in 2009.  A few years later, we brought a new stud in from long time breeder Heather Hale,  Hales' Platonic Ideal.  We also had our medium stud aAprina's Apollo Amore and a large miniature female, aAprina's Canyon Butterfly, sired from Organ's Waldo and aAprina's Aducci, respectively.  These dogs' pedigrees root our dogs in earlier Australian Labradoodle American foundational lines.  Morning Smile's Canyon Sage further expanded our program, keeping with easy going, calm, people focused temperaments. Sage's lines originate in Tasmania. 

From Tegan's Irish Lavender and Hale's Platonic Ideal we have our mini chocolate line with Canyon Court Frieda and her daughters, Canyon Court Pink and Canyon Court Dolores.    Apollo's line gives us Canyon Court Hafiz.  Butterfly and Fabian's lines have given us Canyon Court Cowboy and our current stud, Canyon Court Blue Boy.  Savannah's long line gave us Boo and Ninja, and our future breeder Canyon Court Ladybug.   Canyon Court Hammy(retired) from an early Lavender Plato  pairing has given us our current mom's Sufi, Lambie, and Doc.

Our current breeding females and males are mini to small mediums. Current litters are minis to small medium in size with gentile, smart, cuddly personalities.  

Canyon Court DocMcFluffins

Doc is from a CCL Hammy and CCL Cowboy litter.
Her grandfather is Hale's Platonic Ideal and Grandmother is Tegan's Irish Lavender. Doc's paternal lines are from TeganPark Fabien and MorningSmile Canyon Sage.

Canyon Court LeFleur Sufi

Sufi is from a CCL Hammy and CCL Cowboy litter. Sufi is a sister to Doc. Her grandparents areHale's Platonic Ideal & Tegan's Irish Lavender. Sufi's paternal lines are from TeganPark Fabien and MorningSmile Canyon Sage.


Canyon Court Persian Poet - "Hafiz" is sired by CCL Blue, his dame is CCL Red Poppy. Poppy is a daughter of CCL Monet & aAprina's Apollo Amore.
Hafiz is our current stud.  He produces minis and mediums with great smiles and happy personalities.

Up and Comming ...

We have up and comming girls from Canyon Court Ninja's lines.  This is Canyon Court Ladybug Ninja.
She will have her first litter going home in Fall 2022.

Puppies  $2,550 +tax

Adopting your Canyon Court Labradoodle 

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. What are you looking for in a Labradoodle?
  2.  Complete a puppy application.
  3. Place $350 nonrefundable deposit.  You will be placed on our puppy allocation list in the order of deposit received. Your puppy will be allocated to you at 7 weeks old.  (If you that choose not to recieve your allocated puppy, you may transfer your deposit to a future litter.) 
  4. Puppy is allocated to your family,  at 7 weeks old.  We carefully select each pup for it's family, based on each family's needs. In selecting the right puppy for you, we look at your application preferences and use our knowledge of each individual puppies, as gained through our daily experience with each puppy.  We also base the selection on our email correspondences and conversations with you.  Puppies are allocated in reservation order, based on the date of deposit received.  
  5. Once you accept your puppy allocation, finalized contracts are sent out.  Remaining balance is due. (Shipping fees due at this time.)  
  6. Puppies go home at 8-9 weeks old.  
  7. If you need your puppy to stay longer  than 9 weeks of age, final payment is due with an additional $20 a day fee for boarding . . 
  8.  If you live in Southern California, we are happy to arrange to meet you in Old Town or Carlsbad, or Del Cerro.  Or we may be able to deliver to your home.  Title to the Dog transfers to the Buyer when it leaves the Breeder’s kennel. All risk of loss and injury after leaving the Breeder’s kennel is the responsibility of the Buyer 
  9. 8-10 Week Old Puppy Price $2550.00 +tax