Canyon Court Labradoodle Puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee. 

Our dogs are bred for Therapy Dog Temperaments and Non/Low Shed Coats. They make wonderful family pets.   Our lines have several generations of Health Tested Parents.   Canyon Court Puppies are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, not first generation crosses.

Puppies are Allergy friendly, Home-Raised, Beautiful Family Pets that love children.

All of our puppies are born and raised in our family home.  Young litters live in our study, right of our kitchen and family-room area.  As they grow up, the pups are moved into our family-room, giving them access to our large backyard.  Puppies are raised around young children, adults, and other dogs - big and small.  They are familiar with household and neighborhood sounds.

 Poppy and Cowboy Puppies

Future litter - Summer/Fall 2019

Gold, Caramel, Cream, and Parti straight and curly fleece coated pups, with sweet, smart, eager to please, family friendly temperments 

Mini to small Medium sized Multigenerational Labradoodle pups (15-30 lbs, 14-16inches tall)

 $2,500   +CA sales tax 

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Red   Miniature                                                                                                

Sweet little guy will be a small mini (15-20 lbs, 14 inches).  

Caramel gold w/white (rose nose)

Brady - large miniature                                                              Living in N County San Diego

(20-35 lbs, 15-16 inches)

Gold with a white flash on her chest. Black nose. 

Purple girl is a sweet, friendly puppy with a soft gold coat and heavy set body.  

Canyon Court California Poppy & Canyon Court Red Cowboy Puppy Pictures

8 Weeks Old

Blue Boy - Small Medium/large mini

(25-35 lbs, 16-17 inches)

Caramel gold w/white (rose nose), sturdy heavy set boy.  He will likely be a very large mini or a small medium in size.  This guy loves people and playing with our adult dogs. 

Windy - Small Miniature (15-25 lbs, 14 inches)

Caramel Gold (rose nose) little girl with a sweet, friendly personality.  Pink is a petite Australian Labradoodle with a heavy set frame, will likely weigh about 20 lbs as an adult.

Rosie -  Small Medium                                                         RESERVED

(25-35 lbs, 16- inches)

Caramel Cream (rose nose) fleece coat

Penny Miniature 

(15-20 lbs, 14-15 inches)

Gold with black nose (RESERVED)

Sophie   -Small Medium                                                RESERVED

(25-40 lbs, 16-18 inches)

White and tan, mellow girl.

6 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

Boys - Blue collar boy is going to be a medium size (25-35lbs). Red collar boy looks a little bit more petite and will likely be large miniature (20-25lbs).  Both boys have rose noses with light eyes, white chests, white paws and a little white on the muzzle.

Girls - Miniature Size range 15-25 lbs.

Gold girl and Pink girl will be in the miniature size range. Likely petite 15-20 lbs.

Purple girl is a bit larger, she will likely be a bit heavier set. 

Purple and Gold have black noses, Pink girl has a pink nose and light eyes.

Girls - small Medium size range - 20-35 lbs.

Green collar girl is a caramel cream, with a rose nose.  She is the largest pup.

White collar girl is white with tan spots, her nose is likely rose, but is filling in slowly.

2 Weeks Old


1 Week Old

Poppy's Boy - 1 Week Old

Poppy and her puppies - day 1

We accept Cash and Certified Checks, no personal checks. 

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We can take Final/Full Payment via Pay Pal in Advance. 
If paying for Final Payment via PayPal, there is a 4% handling charge.

Past Puppies
Canyon Court Boo and Canyon Court Red Cowboy pups
Canyon Court Boo and Hales' Platonic Ideal Puppies 

Mamma "Boo" (Retired)

Canyon Court Boo-tiful Night Furry

sire:   aAprina's Apollo Amore 

dam: DownUnder's Savannah Sercy

Pappa "Plato" (Retired)

Hale's Platonic Ideal 

sire:  Hale's Alpha Romero

dam:  Hale's Bridegette

Canyon Court Australian Labradoodles

Genetic health guarantee
Health Tested Parents
Family Friendly
Therapy Dog Temperament
No-to-Low Shed Coat
Beautiful Pet
Allergy friendly