Hammy & Cowboy Puppies                         born March 9, 2018

Miniature to Medium Size (15-35 lbs, 13-16 inches)                                                                     Puppy reservations available

Puppies Going Home the First week of May

 Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles

Gold, Cream, and Chalk with fleece coats and sweet family loving temperments.

Puppies will be large miniature to small mediums in size.  

Some of the pups have more petite boning and will be in the 15-20lbs range (13 or 14inches).  

Other pups are thicker and slightly larger, we estimate the bigger pups to be small mediums in the 20-35lbs range (15 or 16 inches).

$2,400   +CA sales tax 

Reserved Puppies go home May 6th.

Puppies are handled daily by adults and children.  
Our puppies live in our family room. 
They are exposed to daily family sounds like kids playing, television, cooking, doorbells, and vacuums .

Blue Boy 

Smaller, cream and white, rose nose boy (20-25lbs)


Red Boy 

larger (small medium 25-35lbs)

rose nose boy


Brown Girl

miniture girl

petite cream and white female, black nose (mini 15-20lbs)


Green Girl

larger, rose nose girl.  Small medium/large mini (25-35lbs)


Gold Girl 

rose nose girl, with light golden and cream coat (15-25lbs)

Purple Girl 

black nose female 

large mini/small medium


Pink Girl

rose nose girl, 25-35lbs

Puppies 5 days old

 Canyon Court Hamster


Sturdy, friendly, smart little pups from our sweet Hamster girl and mellow Cowboy. 

Puppies have fleece coats in the White/Chalk to Gold/Red color range.

Adult size will be Large Miniatures to Medium is size ( 20-35) lbs size range.   

Momma Hammy is a sturdy mini, chalk/white fleece coated girl.  She is 15 lbs and 14 inches tall. 
Hammy is always happy and ready for some love.

Poppa Cowboy is a medium size, golden rose nose boy. He weighs about 40 lbs and is 17 inches tall.  

Past litters have had small minis to small medium size pups.  Pups will be 15-35lbs as adults.

 Canyon Court Cowboy Gold


For more information about reserving your Australian Labradoodle, please see our Puppy Adoption Page.
We accept Cash and Certified Checks, no personal checks. 

Deposits Can be made via Pay Pal with no handling charges.
Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to future litters.

We can take Final/Full Payment via Pay Pal in Advance. 
If paying for Final Payment via PayPal, there is a 4% handling charge.

No Refunds on Purchased Puppies or dogs.  We are happy to help you rehome any dog.  Paypal deposits are transferable to future litters.

Past Puppies from Plato and Hammy

Hale's Platonic Ideal

Past litters from Hammy and Plato have had small minis to small medium size pups, 15-35lbs as adults.
Plato 4 Years Old
Gold Girl litter at home in San Marcos

Goldie is a little girl!  Light weight, she is the smallest of the litter. 
Her adult size will likely be about 10-15lbs and 13-14 inches.   Godlie has a black nose and gold coat with cute white markings on her muzzle, chest, and feet with a lovely fleece coat.
Green Boy - Lives in Del Mar
This is the biggest puppy in the litter, likely adult size will be 20-30lbs, 15 inches.
Green Boy has a rose nose and a cute little white beard and chest, with white paws. 
He is caramel color, that continues to darken, with a silky fleece coat.  He is friendly and outgoing.

Red Boy Lives in Chula Vista
Red is also a big boy. He will likely be 20-25lbs and 15 inches.
He is getting a black nose, and has white markings on his chest, chin and head with white paws. 
He is a gold/red color, with a fleece coat.
Flower Girl - Home in S.D.                               
This is one of the bigger pups in the litter, likely adult size will be 20-25lbs, 14-15 inches.
Flower has a beautiful rose nose and a pretty white swirl that starts on the top of her little head and spreads down her face and chest.  She has white front paws.
Flower is "caramel" color.  Which means she has a rose nose (not a black nose, and is red/gold). She has a silky fleece coat.
Spot Boy                                                        

Spot is a little guy!  Light weight and smaller than than his two brothers.  He will likely be about 15lbs and 14 inches.
He has the most beautiful rose nose and cute gold markings on his eyes, muzzle, and tip of his ears. 
Spot has a light, fleece coat and a sweet, gentle personality.

Rose Girl - home in L.A.                                            
This is one of the bigger pups in the litter, likely adult size will be 20-25lbs, 14-15 inches.
Rose has a beautiful rose nose and lovely fleece coat in a creamy champaign color.
Rose is "caramel" color.  Which means she has a rose nose (not a black nose, and is red/gold). She has a silky fleece coat.
4 Weeks Old